What makes a good wine?

Tagaris Winery: what makes a good wine?


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Tagaris Winery: what makes good wine?
We all love good wine and cannot get enough of it. You can never miss a savory bottle of wine at a wedding, party or any other special occasion. But have you ever wondered distinguishes a top quality one and a substandard one? Well, it will surprise you that the secret is quite simple and jaw-dropping. Here is a brief insight of what makes good wine:
Most wine makers confess that a good wine largely depends on where and how the grapes are grown in the vineyard. Apparently, if the same varieties are grown in slightly different geographical locations, the wine produced will be different even if subjected to the same processing methods. These disparities are as a result of varying factors such as soil properties which encompass chemical differences, water availability and drainage. The microclimate of these locations also varies regarding aspects and elevation which can also have an impact on the quality of the grapes produced. Other factors that come into play include crop levels, the sun versus shade, and vigor, water, nutrition and human factors like winery practices and viticultural regimes. This is usually the logic behind the valuing system of wine in the major wine producing countries in the world such as France, Spain, Italy, China and South Africa.
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Therefore, it is important to ensure that the site for the vineyard is distinctive, hire skilled viticulture to ensure that you get the maximum potential of the site and then make precise and informed picking decisions. Keep the process of wine making simple.

Ideally, the best winemakers invest more time and effort in the vineyard by ensuring they get the most productive land to plant their raw materials and giving the viticulturist concise instructions on the specific level of quality they want, their goals and taste. The picking should also be done meticulously by only harvesting the ripe part of the vineyard. Sometimes it is necessary to lower yields to get quality produce.